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Rockhurst, LLC partners and investors are all proven founders and entrepreneurs from across significant consumer, technologic, digital commerce, analytic, consumer brands, food service (restaurants), consumer services (fin services), retail, assisted living and related sectors. We have all run fast growing firms through multiple stages of growth, team building and capitalization. It is an unusual group that can be especially helpful with rising entrepreneurs and CEO’s dealing with the realities of scaling.
Creating Value

We invest in market sectors and geographies where we have deep experience and networks. These include

  • Aging consumers (e.g. assisted living)
  • Automation.. esp. AI/ML based enterprises
  • Automated retailing (e.g. automated stores such as Amazon Go, DVD retailer Redbox)
  • Branded and Private Label Consumer Products
  • Digital commerce (B2c, B2b, marketplaces)
  • Financial technologies immediately relevant to large scale and specialty retail Knowledge Based Entities
  • Marketing Services—Companies that provide marketing services and automation

We are experienced with early stage venture, growth equity and buyout/leveraged private equity. We have long term institutional and corporate (strategic) investor relationships. We have worked with principals and these investor deal teams to buy, combine, re-position, sell and re-cap dozens of companies. We are often partners and board members/advisors in each deal. We have worked with Bain Capital, General Catalyst, Polaris Venture Partners, Sycamore Partners and Ascential PLC for example.

We only invest and advise in market sectors where we have deep experience and networks.

  • Retail
  • E-Retail
  • Knowledge Based Entities—Companies with deep research, training and syndicated content.
  • Marketing Services—Companies that provide marketing services and solutions
  • Consumer services and products—Companies with transformational capabilities or highly developed retail/consumer relationships and business model.